Laugh Till You Pee

Oh no, I Accidentally Peed My Pants!

Accidental Peeing – It Actually Happens Have you ever heard someone say “I just peed a little”.  Or how about “it was so funny I almost peed myself laughing!”  Chances are the person telling you they almost peed themselves probably … read more



Can Stem Cells Fix Urinary Incontinence?

Builder Cells to Boost Body Function Stem cell injections are being researched and tested as an alternative solution to many different types of ailments – from arthritis to heart troubles to vision impairment.  The idea is that these ‘builder cells’ … read more


Pelvic Health is More than Doing Kegel Exercises

The Answer Isn’t Simply “Do More Kegels”

The Pelvic System and Kegel Exercises If you’ve ever mentioned light bladder leakage (stress incontinence) in passing while chatting with friends, one of the first replies you might hear in response is “do kegels”.  Even healthcare professionals will sometimes dismiss … read more


Giggle Knickers Absorbent Underwear

Catch Light Leaks with Giggle Knickers Absorbent Underwear

“Don’t Dampen Your Day when Little Leaks Happen” Light leakage when you laugh?  The founders of Giggle Knickers know you’re not alone and their new absorbent underwear aims to de-stigmatise the ‘giggle’ problem that affects one in three women, or … read more


kegel exercises for strengthening pelvic floor

Strengthening your Pelvic Floor – Kegel Exercises

Weakened pelvic floor muscles are one of the key causes of Stress Urinary Incontinence.  The pelvic floor works like a hammock to support organs including the bladder, colon, and uterus.  If the pelvic floor is weak, urine can leak. The … read more


CTV's W5 Investigates Pelvic Mesh

Pelvic Mesh – Safe Solution for Pelvic Health?

Pelvic Mesh Investigation by CTV W5 Surgical Mesh – the plastic mesh that’s surgically inserted to support pelvic organs in cases of prolapse or incontinence, was the topic of a CTV W5 episode investigated by their medical specialist Avis Favaro.  … read more