What do you do when stress incontinence catches you off guard

Post-Pregnancy Incontinence Hack

What do you do when you’re juggling kids and groceries and really have to pee but you know that if you suffer one little bump you’re just not going to make it to a bathroom?  This is reality for many women post-pregnancy, especially when your body is still healing from the trauma of birth.  Australian model and television host Rebecca Judd recently recounted one of her incontinence incidents after the birth of her second child.

With the kids in the car and ready to head home, she realized she had to pee NOW and it simply wasn’t going to wait until she could make it home or to the nearest bathroom.  Knowing that she was well equipped with diapers for her baby, she grabbed one and slipped it underneath her pants just in case, disposing of it when she made it home.

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For many women, stress incontinence – the involuntary release or leak of urine when pressure within the abdomen increases suddenly – continues well after their children are out of diapers.  Luckily, there are many  reusable or disposable products on the market specifically designed to address adult urinary incontinence, and with a little planning you might be prepared. One in three women suffer with this ongoing issue, and the incontinence products market is growing annually in attempt to address the need for absorbent products for adults.

If managing stress incontinence has got you stressed out, consider connecting with a women’s health professional such as a pelvic floor specialist, physiotherapist, or urinary gynecologist.  These professionals can help identify strategies and solutions to help regain continence.  The hardest part is taking the first step and talking to someone about the issue.  Stress incontinence is largely under reported; even gynecologists will comment that they see fewer cases of stress incontinence than other types of incontinence.

Have you been caught in a must-pee situation that caught you off guard?  What hack, tip, or trick do you use to catch any surprise leaks? Let us know!

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