Exercise program to strengthen pelvic floor and fix stress incontinence

Exercise to Repair Stress Incontinence

A recent study by project eContinence at Swedish University Umeå revealed that doing self-administered exercise through a pelvic floor exercise app can lead to reduced incidents of leaking for women suffering with stress urinary incontinence.  The app Tät®, now available in English on Google play for Android, offers information on incontinence, lifestyle advice, pelvic floor exercises, reminders and statistics.

Results of the three month study showed statistically significant improvements over the control group with regard to symptoms, quality of life, number of leakages and use of incontinence pads. The number of leakages was reduced from a median of three times to once per day in the group that had used the app.

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Science Daily – More about the results

Umeå University Study Details

Econtinence Project website

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