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Wish I had My Giggle Knickers On!

I love getting mail when it’s something fun; I was happy to receive a sample of the newest absorbent underwear to hit the market – it’s Giggle Knickers, by UK partnership Anne Davidson and Judith Balcazar.  They designed Giggle Knickers as an alternative to bulky disposable pads or underwear that get tossed into landfills after a single wear.

I washed and wore the undies immediately as I had been planning for a run that day and always appreciate a little extra protection ‘just in case’; the ‘in case’ being a surprise leak as I hop over a puddle or slip on a curb, or when it just seems like my body isn’t cooperating that day and none of my muscles – including my pelvic floor – seem like they want to do very much work. Darn those babies that I pushed out; it might seem as if I have my pre-pregnancy body back, but my pelvic floor and I know better.  This is one set of muscles that still requires a lot of work.

I wore the Giggle Knickers under my running leggings, so I had to do a quick check in the mirror to see if there was any noticeable bulkiness.  The underwear didn’t feel bulky when I pulled it on so I didn’t expect any noticeable difference in my appearance, and was pleased to see that I was right.  In fact the Giggle Knickers aren’t bulky at all – they’re made from cotton with elastane like most of the other underwear I wear, and the only extra thickness is right in the gusset where you need the absorbent layer.

On my run that day I didn’t experience any chafing, feelings of bulkiness, or discomfort, and the extra security of knowing any accidents would be caught made me enjoy my run even more.  Ironically I didn’t experience any leaks that day (yay me!), so they weren’t truly put to the test in terms of holding fluid, however they stood up to the sweat test well.  I have sometimes worn disposable liners while running and I find that they feel bulky and uncomfortable just from sweating alone, never mind the potential leak.  The underwear are a much better option in my mind.

I wanted to see if the underwear would start to feel uncomfortable throughout an entire day, so I wore them for a day and into the evening, keeping them on under a dressier outfit for a party we attended. I was comfortable and stylish in my dress wear and didn’t feel like my glam was being compromised by my choice in undergarment. If, like me, you usually wear cotton underwear, these are a good option for every day wear. The sample sent to me were a great fit, meaning that the product runs true to your usual size if you’re wondering which size to order online.

The only problem now is that I only have a single pair and I don’t do laundry every day, which means sometimes I’m exercising without the peace of mind that absorbent layer provides. As I ran the other day, concentrating on my pelvic muscles and hoping I didn’t have any accidents, I couldn’t help but wish I had my Giggle Knickers on.

Giggle Knickers on LeakyLily

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