Carin: Pelvic Floor Recovery System

From the Netherlands corporation LifeSense Group, Carin is a new wearable system that includes absorbent underwear plus a training program to help repair your pelvic floor.  They offer absorbent underwear in basic or lacy, or use the entire Carin system to guide and track your pelvic floor exercises and progress.  The three elements of the wearable package include:

  1. Carin Measure: A wearable sensor
  2. Carin Protect: Carin absorbent undewear in black
  3. Carin Exercise: A free download at the Apple store and (coming soon) for Android. The Carin Exercise app can be activated after syncing the sensor with your phone or tablet.

The Carin Measure device is an external device that snaps to the Carin Protect Underwear so it sits on your abdomen.  It tracks leakage events and records the occurrences in combination with the Carin Exercise app.

And here’s an interesting stat from their Carin Kickstarter campaign: Did you know the amount of waste adult incontinence products produce? Using Carin wearable set means each women would save 28,000 pads being sent to the landfill over a lifetime.

Are you using Carin to strengthen your pelvic floor?  Let us know how it works for you!


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