Giggle Knickers Absorbent Underwear

Catch Light Leaks with Giggle Knickers Absorbent Underwear

“Don’t Dampen Your Day when Little Leaks Happen”

Light leakage when you laugh?  The founders of Giggle Knickers know you’re not alone and their new absorbent underwear aims to de-stigmatise the ‘giggle’ problem that affects one in three women, or roughly 3 million women in the UK alone.  The underwear is designed as an alternative to bulky disposable pads or underwear that are being tossed into landfills every year.  Giggle Knickers are made of soft, light weight, washable cotton with a hi-tech protective panel that offers peace of mind from the risk of unexpected leaks.

Giggle Knickers founders Anne Davidson and Judith Balcazar note that “it’s a misconception that bladder weakness only happens to older women. It doesn’t. Millions of younger women struggle and suffer, often in silence. You don’t need to be one of them.” The Giggle Knickers product evolved from Ms. Balcazar’s personal quest to find a stylish, comfortable and environmentally-friendly solution to the accidental leaks of stress incontinence.

Re-Usable Absorbent Underwear

Their company goal is to offer a normal looking washable pair of knickers for the thousands of women out there with a sensitive bladder, while diverting waste from landfills and ensuring ethical manufacturing practices.  They also contribute a portion of each sale to Free A Girl India, an organization that fights against human trafficking and child prostitution.

Giggle Knickers underwear has a patent-pending 4-core technology which absorbs leaks and wicks moisture away from both skin and clothing, and it doesn’t make the wearer feel like they’re wearing a diaper. In fact the underwear has been designed to compete with everyday underwear and looks like any other pair in your drawer. The knickers are machine washable and can hold up to 6 teaspoons of liquid.

Currently Giggle Knickers are available in one style in black, with future plans for more styles and colours of absorbent underwear.  Have you tried Giggle Knickers?  Let us know how you like them!

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