If you're struggling with accidentally peeing now and then, tell someone

Tell Someone You Have Stress Incontinence

The Stress Incontinence Secret

Often when someone has a problem, they will feel better by “getting it off their chest”.  This usually involves venting to someone about your problem – finding a supportive person whose ready to listen. But people who have stress incontinence, the accidental leaking of urine, often don’t talk about it because it feels too embarrassing to mention.

It’s not exactly the sort of thing you start with during small talk at a party, “Hey, nice to meet you,  I sometimes pee a little by accident – you?” Ironically, if you’re at a party with a bunch of women, you can rest assured that you’re not the only one with the condition.  That doesn’t make it any easier to talk about though.  Many women don’t feel comfortable talking about it with someone they’re really close with either.  Even health care professionals are not hearing very much from their patients about stress incontinence – it’s an extremely under-reported condition.

Unfortunately though, if we don’t talk about the problem (stress incontinence), we can’t really solve the problem. Stress incontinence is a physical problem that causes a lot of emotional turmoil.  It’s also a a very common problem that a lot of people can relate to.  It’s also very treatable in most cases. Talking about it can help you to get it off your chest, discover you’re not alone, learn about solutions, and find new ways to manage. It can also help you to help others by educating people so they know it could happen to them.

Stress Incontinence Challenge

So here’s the challenge: tell someone you have stress incontinence.  This could be a husband, a sister or close friend, your child.  If you don’t want to discuss it with someone close to you, consider talking to a professional.  There are people who specialize in this field of study.  One physiotherapist said she has seen women with their uterises almost hanging out of their vaginas (prolapse).  Nothing you can share with these specialists will shock them. Additionally, many communities have ‘Mom’s Groups’ that usually turn into both a means of socialization, and of support. Laughing over “that time when” can help relieve stress and make you realize that you’re not the only one with this problem.

Are you struggling with stress incontinence?  Have you found ways to overcome or cope?  Please share your story with us


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