Core Training for Continence Recovery

Birth trauma, high-impact activities, hormone fluctuations as we age – any or all of these can lead to weakened pelvic floor causing stress urinary incontinence.  A program called Coretiques, created by physiotherapist Cheryl Leia aims to retrain the deep core so that women can regain control of their continence.

Cortiques classes combine rehabilitation and strengthening exercises with hypopressives, which are a set of physiotherapy exercises focused on breathing and posture.  Developed in the 1980s, hypopressive exercises emphasize expanded ribcage and contracted abdomen, which is then combined into a variety of postures and motions.

The Cortiques program goes beyond kegels and squats and is intended to integrate all parts of the body, retraining the deep core muscles so women can resume all the same activities they once enjoyed.  Currently classes are offered through Ms. Leia’s Physiotherapy clinic in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

News Article: Exercises Get to the Core of the Matter

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