Stress incontinence affects one in three women. You're not alone

Your Stress Incontinence Story

Though stress incontinence is a physical condition, managing it is a highly emotional experience*.  It doesn’t feel good to know you don’t have full control over your own body; that it might fail you and cause an embarrassing moment.

The most difficult times in life are made easier when you know you’re not alone. We can help each other by sharing our stories of struggle and embarrassment, our hacks, solutions, and hopefully some recovery stories too.  We can laugh together and commiserate together.  By sharing, we can broaden the conversation and help other women manage or fix the problem faster. Most importantly, we can help each other feel better by the knowledge that we’re in this together.

We’re better together. Please share your story by submitting here, or adding to comments below.

*research suggests that stress incontinence is one of the top chronic conditions that is most likely to negatively impact a woman’s health-related quality of life.

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