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Your Stress Incontinence Story

Stress incontinence affects one in three women. You're not alone

Though stress incontinence is a physical condition, managing it is a highly emotional experience*.  It doesn’t feel good to know you don’t have full control over your own body; that it might fail you and cause an embarrassing moment. The … Share your story

Testosterone and Stress Incontinence

low testosterone may increase likelihood of stress incontinence

It’s no secret that our bodies are highly affected by hormones – estrogen and progesterone put us into a monthly cycle, which can in turn affect our mood and general well-being. Testosterone fits into the hormone puzzle too.  While most … read more

Acupuncture for Stress Incontinence

acupunture for stress incontinence

Have you considered acupuncture as a means of treatment for stress urinary incontinence? A recent study indicates that acupuncture for stress urinary incontinence in women resulted in positive outcomes for 86% of the trial participants.  This compares to 68.9% positive … read more

Stress Incontinence and Pelvic Health

understanding the core system and pelvic health for recovery from urinary incontinence

Expert Opinion – Cheryl Leia Certified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Coretiques developer and master trainer Instead of “Think Kegels”, “Think Pelvic Health” to Rid Yourself of Stress Urinary Incontinence We asked pelvic health specialist Cheryl Leia about the issues surrounding stress … read more

The Catch 22 of Stress Urinary Incontinence

stress incontinence may be a problem during exercise

Exercise and Stress Incontinence “If I exercise I leak, so I won’t exercise” Does this sound familiar?  Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body, but it’s hard to be motivated if you think exercise will lead to an … read more

What is the Transversus Abdominis

transversus abdominus strenthening for core control and stress urinary incontinence prevention

How does the Transversus Abdominis help control stress urinary incontinence? If you’re actively trying to recover from stress urinary incontinence, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about your pelvic floor, along with kegels kegels kegels.  While it’s … read more

Vaginal Exercise Cones for Stress Urinary Continence

vaginal exercise cones or vaginal weights for pelvic floor strengthening

Strengthen your Pelvic Floor with Vaginal Weights When you hit the gym to do weights it’s unlikely that your regimen includes strengthening your vagina, but if you suffer from stress urinary incontinence, maybe weights are what’s needed.  LadySystem is a … read more

Exercise to Repair Stress Incontinence

Exercise program to strengthen pelvic floor and fix stress incontinence

A recent study by project eContinence at Swedish University Umeå revealed that doing self-administered exercise through a pelvic floor exercise app can lead to reduced incidents of leaking for women suffering with stress urinary incontinence.  The app Tät®, now available … read more