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Can Stem Cells Fix Urinary Incontinence?

Builder Cells to Boost Body Function Stem cell injections are being researched and tested as an alternative solution to many different types of ailments – from arthritis to heart troubles to vision impairment.  The idea is that these ‘builder cells’ … read more

Urinary Incontinence Impacts Quality of Life

Incontinence affects women's quality of life

For people with stress incontinence, it’s more than an infrequent annoyance; it’s something that can take over your whole life. It lurks around every corner so that you’re always worried about the next “oops” incident.  The condition can be debilitating … read more

Stress Incontinence on Stage

Incontinence Comedy: Physotherapist takes play Gusset Grippers to Fringe Festival Stress incontinence isn’t a topic that often comes up in casual conversation.  However, if you’ve ever found yourself amongst a group of moms chatting about life, child rearing, post-pregnancy fitness … read more

World Continence Week June 19-25 2017

World Continence Week June 19-25 2017. Helping generate awareness that incontinence is no laughing matter

Incontinence: No Laughing Matter World Continence Week (WCW) is an annual initiative started by the International Continence Society (ICS) and carried on by organizations such as the Continence Foundation of Australia and the Canadian Continence Foundation. It’s primary aim is to … read more

Post-Pregnancy Incontinence Hack

What do you do when stress incontinence catches you off guard

What do you do when you’re juggling kids and groceries and really have to pee but you know that if you suffer one little bump you’re just not going to make it to a bathroom?  This is reality for many … read more